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Since 1987 Automated Motion Systems Pty. Ltd. has supplied motion control and automation products to machine manufacturers throughout Australia. The company is the sole Australian Agent for several leading European manufacturers of motion control products including stepping motors & drives, brushless AC servomotors & drives, precision gearheads, metric timing belts & pulleys, incremental & absolute shaft encoders, motion controllers, flexible shaft couplings, equipment cooling fans and DIN standard instrument cases. 

We are also able to provide an engineering design service and cabinet wiring for specialised motion control applications where our products are used.

Many imported production machines use products manufactured by our European suppliers and we are able to provide replacement components either from stock or with reasonable delivery times.

All products are sourced directly from the manufacturer, assuring control of delivery times and technical support. Since incorporation, the major products have been stepper motors, drives and motion controllers which provide an economical means of automating production machinery. Typical applications include: labelling machines, welding systems, pick and place machines, filling stations, cut to length machines, winding machines, welding machines, profile cutting machines, assembly automation and back stop positioners. 

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Continuous development may necessitate changes in specifications without notice. Our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to any orders and are available on request. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of these specifications, however Automated Motion Systems Pty. Ltd. will not be responsible for errors in this publication or incorrect selection of products. Uploading date of website files: 27-6-22. Contact this office for further technical information.  Dean Walker (B.E.), Director, Automated Motion Systems Pty. Ltd. A.B.N. 94 009 232 535