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Stepping Motors & Drives

Stepper Drives
Bipolar chopper drives
Rack or panel mounting
From to 24V @ 0.75 Amps to 325V @ 6 Amps
200, 400, 800, 1000, 2000 & 4000 step/rev
Direct 240VAC mains supply stepper drives.
Stepper Motors
200 step/rev (1.8 step) resolution
High torque motors for general motion control
Frame sizes 17, 23, 34 & 42
(42, 57mm, 86 & 106mm flanges)
8 flying leads for series or parallel connection

Motion Controllers

Stand alone or computer control
Upto 4 axes per controller
Ideal for CNC retrofit or upgrade
Uses ISO G-Code programming
Optional CAD file conversion (DXF & HPGL)
For stepper or servo motor systems
Possible downloading programs from PC


Motion Systems

Automated Motion Systems can provide the service of wiring S&H motion controllers and RTA stepper drives into cabinets with switchgear, terminals, fan cooling, power supplies and safety components. This allows systems to be programmed and thoroughly tested before attaching motors and mechanical components.

Typical applications include cut to length control, 2 and 3 axis contouring machines, punch controllers, winding machines, tube bending machines, gear cutting, winding machines and plasma cutting tubes for joining pipes at angles. 


Cooling Fans 
High performance equipment cooling fans
40mm to 172mm
High reliability and performance


Precision Gearheads

For 17, 23 and 34 frame stepper motors
Low backlash
High reduction in compact size
Planetary design
High output torque


Metric Timing Belts & Pulleys

Low cost reduction and transmission
Non slip metric 'T' profiles
5mm and 10mm pitch
16mm and 25mm wide pulleys & belts stocked
Steel cable reinforced linear belts

Electromagnetic Brakes & Clutches

Power on clutches
Power on brakes
Permanent magnet failsafe brakes
Combined clutches & brakes
Toothed clutches & brakes
Magnetic particle slip clutches

Flexible Shaft Couplings

HELICAL, OLDHAM and JAW couplings
Angular and parallel offset compensation
Ideal for steppers, servos and encoders
Fit shaft sizes from 2mm to 25mm
Torsionally rigid design


Taper Bushes
Tapered bushes for fixing gears and pulleys to motor shafts without damaging the shaft or expensive machining.


Specialised Belts

Special toothed belts with coatings, cleats or holes for vacuum, high temperature or food applications. 


Shaft Encoders
Linear position transducers

Incremental Encoders
Absolute Encoders (single & multiturn)
Linear position sensors
(potentiometer & magnetorestrictive)

DIN Instrument Cases

Extruded aluminium cases for process instruments
Panel mounting design suits controllers & displays
Internally slotted for printed circuits
DIN43700 standard extrusions
10 extrusion profiles in aluminium
3 extrusion profiles in plastic
Anodised aluminium available in colors
Available in various lengths


Process Control Instrumentation
Signal converters and processors
Digital panel meters
Limit Alarms