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Custom Wiring and Installation

Automated Motion Systems can provide the service of wiring S&H motion controllers and RTA stepper drives into cabinets with switchgear, terminals, fan cooling, power supplies and safety components. This allows systems to be programmed and thoroughly tested before attaching motors and mechanical components. Typical applications include cut to length control, 2 and 3 axis contouring machines, hydraulic punch controllers, winding machines, tube bending machines, gear cutting, winding machines and plasma cutting tubes for joining pipes at angles. Some examples are shown below. 

Single axis stepper system for indexing plastic tags on a hot stamping machine. Motion controller received STOP and START signals from photoelectric sensors. Run speed is variable using potentiometer.

Smaller variation of single axis stepper system for plastic tag indexing. 

Single axis stepper system for indexing sheet metal on an automatic riveting machine. LEDs were used to display status of riveting heads and the GOYA controller was set up with operator adjusted variables like number of rivets, distance between rivets and index speed. 

2 axis stepper system using GOYA to control synchronised motion for gear cutting. The GOYA was set up for operator adjustment of number of gear teeth, speed and direction of rotation. Internal gears could also be generated on this machine.

2 axis servo system for reciprocating gear cutting tool and controlling depth of cut. A Sanyo Denki brushless AC servomotor was required to meet the high speed requirements. All parameters were operator adjustable using the GOYA keypad.  

Single axis stepper system to plasma cut steel tubes to required lengths "on the fly"  from a tube forming machine. All parameters were operator adjustable and tube feed was tracked by an encoder feeding in the GOYA.
  3 axis milling machine retrofit with stepper motors.. GOYA software was able to import DXF CAD files and convert to G-Code motion programs. 
  2 axis stepper control of plasma cutting steel pipes. When pipes of different diameters intersect an an angle, the larger pipe requires an elliptical hole cut on its surface. Coordinates of the cutting path were calculated in Excel and the data converted into a G-Code motion program.
  2 axis stepper automation of a 6 x 1.8m sheet metal plasma cutting table. Programs were generated from DXF files produced by a CAD program and converted to a G-Code program.  Because some paths had to be cut before others (eg. holes in plates), colours were allocated to paths in the DXF file to define cutting order.
  3 axis control of tube bending. Stepper motors controlled tube feed and rotation and a large servomotor powered the bending. All axes were controlled by a GOYA controller.